About me and why I made this site


Hi. My name is Jenni. I’m 28, I live in Cornwall in the UK, and until very recently I had a full thickness rectal prolapse which a consultant once described as ‘impressive’. (yes, that means my rectum was sticking out of my anus; and no, it really wasn’t very nice at all)

I had my rectal prolapse for about 5 years.

I spent 4 of these years keeping my prolapse a secret because I was ashamed of it, I did not understand it and I didn’t know what I could do about it. Then one day I decided I had had enough, that I needed to tell some one that every time I went to the toilet it was a nightmare.

I spent another year seeking treatment and eventually had a LVR in February 2014. During that year I saw 4 different consultants, had a variety of embarrassing tests, and had some pelvic floor retraining. Even now after all of this I am still struggling with obstructed defecation (that means I can’t get the sh*t out of me), but it’s definitely a lot better than it used to be!

During my treatment one thing that struck me was the lack of information and support for young people with prolapses. There’s plenty of advice and support for older women and women who have had children for whom pelvic floor dysfunction is very common, but there is nothing for young women like myself. NOTHING.

Inspired by Kat’s Crazy Colon I have decided to make this webpage and make my experience with my prolapse public so that if there are other young women out there experiencing the same thing then hopefully this will help them to know that they are not alone. Together we can get through this.


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